About Us

A little something about us.

Zenith Hope Center (ZHC), LLC began with four business professionals who have gained experience working in the field of substance abuse-related disorders for over 50 years. ZHC is staffed by professionally qualified personnel who are motivated and compassionate about providing optimal services for individuals in need. Our program is located in the Northeast Charlotte area at 508 Eastway Drive in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The goal of the Zenith Hope Center, LLC is to provide treatment to individuals with substance abuse disorders, specifically seniors, adults, emancipated minors, military veterans, homeless and special needs populations. ZHC plans to achieve these goals by providing the following health services:

  • Evidence-based treatment and medication management
  • Counseling services
  • Couples and family addiction education
  • Targeted case-management
  • DUI Assessment and Education
  • Preventive and routine medical services assessment and referral
  • Community Linkage
  • Home health services
  • Telemedecine and Telehealth

At Zenith Hope Center, we are glad to welcome you to join us for treatment of your substance use-related disorders. ZHC is here to serve you!

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Our Vision

A powerhouse for a successful recovery in promoting the empowerment of individuals with substance related addictive disorders into becoming self-sufficient, productive and functional citizens of society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate our patients’ transition from a vulnerable and critical stage in their life to a more stable state that will produce stable job opportunities, family interactions and foster a more overall positive existence.

What We Do

ZHC is committed to developing and maintaining relationships with individuals in a clinical environment setting. We customize the medical treatment of our patients substance addiction-related problems with medication management and counseling. We provide community linkages while empowering patients to transform their lives and become functional members of society.

ZHC employs dynamic staff members who are inspired to expand their knowledge skills in the treatment of individuals with substance-related addictive disorders. Physician leadership, staff and stakeholders collaborate to ensure quality services are delivered while strategically promoting education, self-preservation and re-integration into the workforce and community.