Philosophy of Treatment

Zenith Hope Center believes chemical dependency is a chronic, relapsing disease. There are emotional, social, physical, and environmental aspects of addiction that can be challenging to handle without appropriate treatment. Our treatment philosophy emphasizes those challenges of addiction, providing the patient with the tools they need for a successful recovery. If you know someone with an addiction to pain pills or heroin, Zenith Hope Center can help!

Outpatient Opioid Treatment Program

Medication Management
Our Medication Management services includes an initial comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment and a complete physical examination by the Medical Director. After screening and determination that the patient has met all the Federal and State Eligibility Criteria for treatment the patient is admitted to the program.
Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT)
MMT is the most common program in the world. It has been used for decades to treat people who are addicted to heroin and narcotic pain medicines. When taken as prescribed it is safe and effective and has the highest rate of clinical success among heroin abusers. It allows people to recover from their addiction and to reclaim active and meaningful lives.
Methadone Facts:
*Methadone is an effective medical treatment for opioid addiction.

*Offered in liquid, wafer and tablet form.

*Methadone can be provided only under supervision of a physician at an Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) such as Zenith Hope Center.
*Methadone, when taken daily as recommended, reduces opioid cravings and withdrawal symptoms and blocks the effects of illicit opioids.

*Zenith Hope Center provides customized treatment based on each individual patient’s needs without predetermined time restraints.

*Methadone treatment creates a healthy lifestyle.

Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP)
Is an intensive outpatient treatment program providing comprehensive support to patients in early recovery for approximately 12-16 weeks. Patients receive 9 hours of group treatment a week coupled with individual counseling, case management, and couples/family counseling as needed.

Office-Based Opioid Treatment Program

Suboxone Treatment
Suboxone is a medication that is proven effective in combating the disease and is prescribed to treat adults addicted to opioid drugs, includes heroin or prescription painkillers. At the initial appointment patient is prescribed medication and monitored to determine the level of medication needed. Until patient is stabilized, the patient will see the physician every week for the first month for dose adjustments as well as monitoring effectiveness of treatment and patient compliance with treatment.
Suboxone Facts:
*Suboxone is film or tablet placed under the tongue to be absorbed.

*Suboxone has a 37-hour half-life.

*16mg a day is the average dose which will block 93% of opioid receptors in the brains of addicted person.

*This dose eliminates cravings and withdrawal symptoms in most people.

Individual and Group Therapy

Addiction requires both medication as well as Counseling to be effectively managed. Neither one will work alone without the other. Individual counseling is offered. The frequency is based on the patients’ time in treatment. Group counseling is available on a monthly basis. We encourage our patients to participate in mutual or self-help groups such as AA, sober living. Addiction Resource, SMART Recovery, and Information from online websites or YouTube. We also offer additional ancillary services, such as Virtual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that can be accessed through the patient’s mobile phone.